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Service Tips
Life saver

Did you know that 70% of all fatalities due to road accidents are caused by head injuries?
thanks to helmets, some major accidents mean only minor injuries. That is why the following four points must be kept in mind while
purchasing helmet:

It should have the ISI mark of approval.
It should be light weight.
It should not block hearing.
It should neither be tight nor loose.
Before you get on and take off

Did simple checks to ensure that the bike is in perfect riding condition.
Check the accelerator and the hand levers
Check for brake fluid, petrol and battery solution spillage
Check the headlights turn signals, stop lights and other lights.
Check the level of fuel and oil before you set off.
After Dark
Drive with headlights and taillights on.
Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Use headlight flasher / dipper when overtaking and never overtake crest of hill, at a bend, or across the double continuos white/yellow line.
Check the level of fuel and oil before you set off.
Drive at an optimum speed of 3540 kmph., since your visibility and capacity to identify objects reduces with increase in speed and you therefore can't react to danger in time.
Never forget to maintain a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front of you
Even while overtaking do not cross the continuous white/yellow line in the centre of the road.
While driving always concentrate on the road and avoid talking to the pillion rider or other drivers.
A safe rider is a good rider