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Battery Maintanance
Your motorcycle battery needs periodical maintenance to ensure a long and trouble
free life. Do the following checks at regular intervals for a reliable battery performance.

Check the electrolyte level against the top and bottom markings on the battery shell.
Always top up with distilled water whenever required.

Check for any leakage from battery. It should be clean and free from any leakages.
In case of non use of motorcycle, battery should be kept fully charged and electrolyte
level should be at Top mark.

How to check Oil Levels
In order to check the level of the engine oil, the vehicle should be on main stand. Check the engine oil level using the dipstick. The
engine oil level should be maintained between the upper and the lower level marks of the dipstick. In case it is needed, top up the
engine oil up to the upper level on the dipstick.

Replace the engine oil if it is due for replacement
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